20 04 2012

NorCal Photog/Gorge Wild Photography

I decided to go with some friends to see the statue of Willie Nelson unveiled at the Moody Theater in downtown Austin today, and it was an interesting experience. There was the usual horde of media and a sizeable crowd in attendance. Lots and lots of cameras, at times it was hard to see anything. There were the usual speeches and thanks and recognition, that the crowd got tired of pretty quickly. At many points people chanted “Wil-lie, Wil-lie, Wil-lie” and a few folks yelled “we want Willie!”

We didn’t know the speakers or program, and we were pleasantly surprised to see Kris Kristofferson take the stage, but with a bad sound system and Kris speaking in a normal voice, we couldn’t make out anything he said. There were grumbles throughout the crowd and people at times yelled “we can’t hear you!”

I was surprised to see not so many…

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