What are you talking about…? College students don’t smoke pot…

23 04 2012


Pot a problem in college football? Depends which school you ask

By Tony Barnhart | CBSSports.com Senior Writer

Not too long ago, I was having coffee with the athletics director at a BCS school and we began talking about some of his biggest challenges. That’s when he said:

"The marijuana situation is the worst I’ve ever seen it."

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Bud Pic of the Day: Day 3

23 04 2012



Civil rights leader arrested on marijuana possession charges

23 04 2012

By Tricia Bishop and Steve Kilar, The Baltimore Sun

10:37 a.m. EDT, April 22, 2012

Carl O. Snowden, civil rights chief for the Maryland Attorney General’s Office, was arrested for alleged marijuana possession Friday while he was on probation for a drunken-driving conviction, according to online court records.

He could face 60 days in jail if prosecutors pursue a probation violation charge against him.

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Bud Pic of the Day: Day 2

22 04 2012



Way Too Many ways to waste time

21 04 2012

If you don’t know about this website yet, you should.  Waytoomany.com–link here is your #1 source for pot and intoxication pics, vids and information.  Just an example:

16 Medical Marijuana States (Plus DC)

21 04 2012

List of states that allow Medical Marijuana, and a quick view of the laws and regs that go along with it for each state:



THC Kills Glioma Cancer Cells – Medical Miracles from Europe:

21 04 2012
Interesting shit right here…

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